The Project

The Colosseum as a media for storytelling

The walk along Via dei Fori Imperiali becomes a playful interactive narrative. As  you capture the beauty of the Colosseum and surrounding area with your tablet or smartphone,  you will  receive a short movie clip, related to the photo taken.

Let’s say you take a picture of the “Statue of Caesar”, his “Forum ” or the “Senate”… you might  receive a video clip on Caesar and Cleopatra or on Caesar’s assassination or hear a monologue from the great dictator. These  engaging video clips, based in historical fact, will  open your eyes to the famed love affair between Cleopatra and Caesar, the conversion of Constantine, Trajan’s resurrection and much more…You will even see a virtual reconstruction of the Colosseum as Vespasian intended it!

During the research phase of this project we selected some episodes about the Colosseum area and its historical characters and turned them into movie clips, images, text and sounds. However the possible stories to tell are countless. The result is an interactive and dynamic storytelling that you can watch on site or even later, once you’re done with your tour.

How it works